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Mon, Jan 18, 2010

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If you are like many people that need a new garage, or perhaps your property does not have an existing garage, then it is time to get a garage.  This process is made a bit simpler through the ability to purchase prefab garage kits.  These kits take some of the guess work out of the planning and constructing a new structure.  There are a variety of models and styles to fit your budget and needs.

The first thing you should do before purchasing your kit is to determine the amount of space available to construct the unit.  You should also figure out how many cars you wish to have in the garage.  Another factor is having enough space for storage of other equipment such as lawn mowers, snow removal and other items that you may want in the garage.  Once you have determined the size of the garage you are looking for, as well as your budget, you can begin to search for the right prefabricated garage to suit your needs.

You may also need to consider your ability to construct the garage yourself.  If you have enough help and time, it can be completed within days.  Some may have to pour a concrete pad for the garage to sit on.  These instructions and methods are recommended by the manufacturer of the kit.  If you are not able to perform the work yourself, there are many companies that will install it for you.  Of course, this will increase the overall budget for your prefab garage.

Many of the prefabricated garages are made from heavy duty steel and aluminum.  They are able to withstand the effects of weather and wind.  These structures can accommodate one, two or three vehicles as well as the height of your recreational vehicle.  This makes prefab garage buildings great for home or business use.  You can find the kits to fit each of these needs.  The garages can blend in with your existing building or home and give you the much needed protection for your cars, trucks and vans.  The kits come complete with the installation instructions as well as all the needed hardware, roofs, sides and garage doors.

You can also find very attractive prefab wooden garages that will look great with your house.  These can be made from a variety of weather resistant woods.  These kits will have pre-cut wood, the garage door or doors as well as the hardware needed to assemble.  The kit may come with shingles for the roof or it can be added onto the kit.  You can choose from different color of shingles to match the roof of your house.  These kits can be found in different sizes and styles.

To find prefab garages or carport kits, you can take a look on the internet for some great designs and prices.  Most of these can be directly shipped to your home for you to assemble.  Companies that specialize in garages in your area may also carry these kits.  Gather your friends and family and put up that garage that you have needed for a long time.

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