21. August 2010

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Metal Carports, Carport Kits & More

Metal carport kits have quickly become one of the most popular types of vehicle shelters around today.  The astronomical price of vehicles is causing more and more people to look for ways of protecting their investments.  Car insurance is a good place to start but the next step should definitely be the installation of a good and dependable vehicle shelter.  Carports come in various materials, sizes, and styles.  You don’t have to spend tons of money to get an adequate shelter for you vehicle.  A metal carport can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars.  You can spend much more but in most cases, a simple shelter is all you need because it doesn’t really matter how it looks, only if it works.

Why Stick to Metal Carports

Just like the huge investment you made on your vehicle, a quality carport may seem like a huge investment initially but over time, it could save you money on car related expenses.  Even simple or small repairs like a dented hood or a paint chip can add up over time.  A good metal carport kit can add some much needed protection form daily weather events such as rain, snow, ice, hail, and even the intense heat from the sun.

Most car owners fail to realize that the most harmful outdoor condition for a car is actually the sun itself.  Long term exposure to the harmful and intense rays of the sun can cause damage the outside and inside surfaces of your vehicle.  The damage may not be noticed until it is too later to rectify.  For example, faded paint or dried out interior surfaces are hard to see until it is already too late to protect.  The damage will be too advanced and the only solution will be to repaint the vehicle on the outside and replace the surfaces on the inside.

Metal buildings can be permanent or temporary in design.  The lighter materials are of course going to be considered more portable but even heavier materials can be transported if needed.  Most companies that advertise portable carports won’t actually specify or give detail as to how portable the components truly are.  For example, you will need to know if the structure is portable enough so you can transport it with your pick-up truck or if you will need a larger method of transportation.  If you are looking for a super portable carport, consider purchasing a carport canopy.  The canopies are usually made of a canvas or vinyl material which makes the overall shelter very light and manageable.

Why Pay the Extra Cost of Steel Carports

Steel is the material of choice for building construction today because it is the most durable and sturdy.  When considering a material for your carport, garage, or awning, only the best will do if you want a shelter that can withstand the force and fury of Mother Nature.  A steel carport can also successfully withstand fires, insects, and even rodent damage.  There is nothing more damaging to an outdoor shelter than insects and rodents.  By the time you discover the damage, it is usually too late for a quick fix.  You can easily end up having to replace all of the components in the area in order to save the structure.

It addition to the materials of a carport, you will also have to take a close look at the quality of the manufacturing involved.  Each manufacturing company uses their own methods and technologies.  You will have to consider which overall quality will best fit your budget as well as the effectiveness you are after.  If you live in an area of intense or extreme weather events, you may not have a choice but to get a steel shelter.  The building codes in your area may have specific restrictions regarding the materials that you are allowed to choose from.

Budget Friendly Aluminum Carport Kits

In many areas of the country, a simple aluminum carport may be all that you need if you are looking for a dependable vehicle cover.  Aluminum is a light weight materials that can be molded quite easily which makes it very appealing to companies that manufacture outdoor structures.  Aluminum is also the least expensive metal building material on the market today.  Other metals such as steel, iron, and copper are way more expensive.

Aluminum carports that are sold in the form of kits are intended to be easy to transport and construct.  The average homeowner should not have a problem erecting an aluminum carport kit with the help of a friend or two in as little as a few hours.  The time it will take for you to build your specific carport of choice may be more or less.  You will definitely have to pay more for a double carport versus a single one.  You will also have to pay more for a carport to cover a larger vehicle like an RV or truck.  When shopping for an RV carport, make sure that you know the specific dimensions of your vehicle.  You will want a shelter that can fit the vehicle as well as leave you plenty of clearance space on all sides for access.

Building a Carport by Yourself

There are many ways in which you can build your own carport.  You should start by first determining if you want to work with a kit or if you would rather build the shelter from scratch.  If you are comfortable and skilled enough to tackle a carport project from scratch then you will be happy to discover that there are many carport plans available for free and for sale on the internet.  You will have to determine the type of materials that you prefer to work with first.  Next you will need to consider the size and the style of carport that will best work for your home.

Keep in mind that some carport designs are specifically intended to be attached to an existing building such as the side of your home.  You can also choose from many stand alone designs which you can install anywhere on your land as long as the local building codes allow it.  Building codes need to be followed even if you are installing a kit.  Contact your local building codes office to get more information about the type and location where you are allowed to install a carport.

What is Included in Carport Prices

Most carports for sale today are priced so that the price you see is the price you end up paying plus the appropriate tax of course.  You will however, have to keep in mind that most on most kits and carports, prices do not include the cost of shipping, installation, and a warranty.  Some companies do disclose exactly what is included while others leave pertinent information out specifically so you choose them because their prices are so appealing.  You should definitely inquire about what exactly is included in the price tag you see on the item or online.  Ask about shipping, installation, and a warranty if such details are left out of the product description.

Some carport companies are better than others.  Companies such as American Steel Carports and Carolina Carports are well reputed in the industry.  Both of these companies distribute their products coast to coast.  Carports and other outdoor buildings must adhere to specific manufacturing guidelines set forth by our government.  You can rest assured that both of these companies follow such rules and regulations fully.  Both also allow you to finance your carport so you can pay monthly rather than a one time lump sum.  As if that wasn’t incentive enough to buy from one of these two large and very customer friendly companies, you can also check out the many consumer reports that are available online for their products.  You can also find many customer testimonials and reviews for products that are similar to the one you are interested in buying.

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2. October 2010

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Save Money When You Buy Wholesale Metal Carports

Many individuals and businesses are looking for ways to save every penny they can. The cost for building a new garage can be very expensive. This is why many people are looking at wholesale metal carports as an effective alternative to vehicle shelter. Carport can be purchased and installed for a fraction of the cost […]

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5. September 2010

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Metal Post and Beam Carports and Beyond

Metal post and beam carports may be a useful alternative to traditional garages. They require less work and are less disruptive than starting construction on an addition to a home. Some people hire professionals to create or build a metal post and beam carport. However, kits can be purchased for the individual consumer to install […]

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22. August 2010

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Tips for Buying Metal Frame Carports

You see them offered for installation in almost every city across America: metal frame carports. The metal frame carport is becoming a key convenience that people add in order to increase storage space and protect their valuable possessions from the elements at the fraction of garage installation cost.  Timber frame carports are also fairly easy […]

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22. August 2010

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Where to Buy Metal Carport Replacement Parts

One of the outstanding features of metal carports is durability. However, weather or other damaging events can cause wear and tear to occur.  There are many reasons why you may be looking for metal carport replacement parts but all issues can easily be remedied with a little bit of patience and research. Some carports are […]

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22. August 2010

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Affordable Metal Carport Buildings Offer Long Lasting Protection

Making wise investments of money and time is how success can be achieved.  A metal carport building is the affordable, durable, quick and easy way to protect your vehicle, RV, sports equipment, animals, and other valuable items.  Metal carports are significantly less expensive and time consuming to install when compared to traditional building or construction […]

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24. July 2010

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About Metal Carport Building Permits and Zoning Requirements

Some homeowners never make the home improvements that give their home the finishing touches in meeting their needs because of a somewhat rational fear of the permitting process. Whether completing a home addition or adding metal carports, often times a building permit is required. Metal carport building permits follow the same standard rules and requirements […]

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5. June 2010

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Shopping for Aluminum Carport Parts

Carports are made of a very wide variety of metals, however when buying one for your home is concerned, the most popular choice is the aluminum carport. Aluminum gives a stylish and trendy appeal and is weather resistant, which is a major positive point. Two more advantages to buying carports are that the aluminum carport […]

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1. May 2010

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How to Choose a Metal Carport for Sale

When it is time to provide a little more protection for your vehicles (or for a whole bunch of other reasons) you should first look for a metal carport for sale.  They have so many different sizes and styles, all with the same great quality and value, that you are sure to find the perfect […]

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18. April 2010

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Tips on Buying Enclosed Metal Carports

Most car owners understand that parking a car in a garage or other protective shelters such as enclosed metal carports lengthens its life by protecting it from the elements. The sun fades paint, while rain causes rust, tree branches can fall on your car, and of course a hailstorm can inflict horrible damage on a […]

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16. April 2010

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Affordable Metal Carports with Storage Options

A home without a garage is not only lacking shelter for a vehicle, it is also lacking some much needed storage space.  A metal carport with storage can easily solve such a problem with one affordable and easy to install shelter.  Metal carports with storage usually contain an enclosed storage shed and an open carport […]

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